Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Analyze Your Hard Disk Space

The software JdiskReport enables you to understand how much space the directories and files consume on your disk drives. It helps you find large, old and obsolete files and folders. It analyzes file trees and collects statistics that are presented as overview charts and tables. You need to have Java Run time Environment previously installed in order to install this application.

There is a feature called as "Size Views", which quickly show how much space the files and folders consume on your disk drives. The "Top 100 Lists" show the list of 100 largest files, the least recently modified files. "Size Distribution Views" help you learn more about the different file sizes on your disk drives. I you are in the "Show file size" mode, you can see how much space is consumed by large, medium sized and small files.

Download : JdiskReport


Chris said...

thx for the tip!

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