Thursday, June 21, 2007

Use "Shift" Key To Turn Off "Caps Lock"

With Windows XP, this feature is available from the Control Panel, but only when you install another Keyboard layout during the Windows Installation. You can also change this feature in the Registry.

  • Click on "Start > Run". Type regedit and press "OK". Browse down to the following key :

  • In the right pane, right click and select "New > DWORD Value". Name the new value "Attributes". Now double click on the new Attributes value. In the Value box enter "00010000" and press "OK".
  • Close the Registry and Reboot or Log Off the system to make the changes effect. Now the Caps Lock is Key will always turn Caps Lock on but you must press "Shift" Key to off the Caps Lock.

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bgmcleod said...

I've done this in vista via by simply clicking a box somewhere. Now that I'm gaming with this computer, the shift to turn off caps is annoying. How do I get it back to default, in Vista? In other words, how do I find that check box again?