Thursday, June 28, 2007

Excessive Mobile Phone Use Makes You Mad

Now the scientists have discovered that cell phone damages the cells in brain and makes the person suffer from the brain related ailments ranging from small time memory loss to fatal Alzheimer's. To prove this they have shown the result practically.

Two cell phones are placed in opposite direction. They were connected to different tape recorders and left for sometime. The sounds recorded on tape are now emitting out from the cell phones. An egg was placed between the two. After 65 minutes to the surprise of all the egg was fried and started emitting little smoke. This is an illustration for Radio Activity and Radio emitted by cell phones. Scientists say that brain cells damage easily with cell phone usage. They say, "First it affects on emotional channels of brain. Person becomes blunt to emotions slowly and he or she will not find any sexual arousal eventually by speaking for longer hours on cell phone. Slowly the damage increases and it may even lead to madness".

Here are a few remedies to overcome this:

"Never put the cell phone near your ears if you are going to speak for more than 2 minutes. Use ear phones. Even then restrict your talk to 6-7 minutes", says a scientist.

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