Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tweaking The Bios

It was very easy to alter the Bios settings of the Motherboard, but sometimes the system can get unstable and crash. Here is the tips to Tweak Bios Settings:

Playing around with the bios settings is alright, but it can result in an unstable system. Certain settings are related to over clocking of the Motherboard's voltage settings for the memory and processor. If incorrectly altered, the system can come down crashing or even go dead. Graphic cards, can also have their own settings problems. Certain Motherboard enable you to adjust an array of settings including timings. Altering these can be risky. While it seems to be fun to tweak these and see what the result in the systems speed are, remember that you are playing with delicate memory wait states.

The simplest option is to reset the Bios to safe defaults available in the menu. However, a flash on the Bios rom and now its working efficiently. It can be annoying, but we have to follow the method of upgrading the technology for best compatibily purposes at regular intervals.

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