Friday, June 22, 2007

Reducing the memory consumption of the Firefox browser

The memory requirement increases rapidly to more than 100 Mb while surfing for a long time or when many tabs or windows are open and finally slows down the system in the Mozilla Firefox. All websites opened in tabs and windows occupy memory space, this space remains occupied even after you minimizing the windows. Firefox also saves some recently visited websites in the memory of the PC in order to facilitate quick browsing, to reduce this unnecessarily large number of saved sites, I think this tip may help you :

  • Enter "about:config"(without quotes) in the address bar. Search for
'browser.sessionhistory.max_entries' in the 'Preference Name' list and double-click on it to edit it. Change the default setting '50' to smaller number or even to 'O' and confirm with "OK". If you entered even 1 also you can view all the recently visited websites which they are still available on the memory, and you can browse through as many sites but you have to wait for the renewed loading of new sites.

  • You can also instruct Firefox to release the memory space that is no longer in use. Simply right click on any space in the list of configuration settings and select the context command "New > Boolean". Enter "config.trim_on_minimize"(without quotes) and click "OK".
  • Click on "True" in the following dialog and again confirm with "OK". Now restart the browser.

You can also determine the current memory requirement of the browser is through the "Task Manager".

  • Press the key combination [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Del] and click on "Task Manager" in the following dialog under Windows 2000/XP
  • Switch to the "Processes" tab and search the list entry "firefox.exe". To its right, you will see the memory space currently occupied by the browser.


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