Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Too Many Math Problems, One Solution

If you're stuck with a Maths problems, gives you a new lease of life. It solves problems for you while also teaching you the steps involved. The site is uncluttered, with a tabbed panel for easy navigation. For example, the home page allows you jump to quick help in Calcullus Derivatives, integrals, the Quotient Rule, and on and on, Unit Conversion, complex numbers, data analysis, decimals, fractions, graphs, trignometry, and many more quick-help links figure here.

A tab called "Math for Everyone" is useful for maths problems that crop up often. For example, if the temperature is 18 degrees and the wind is blowing at 5 Kmph, what will be the wind chill? As other examples, there's also "Unit Conversion" for conversions of length, mass, area and volume.

There is a section on Algebra, where you can do things like simplifying expression, addition and subtraction of expressions, and more.

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