Monday, May 14, 2007

Asus R2H ( Ultra Mobile PC )

Asus R2H Ultra Mobile PC :

The 7-inch display has 800x600 pixels natively but it can support resolutions upto 1024x768 with pixel interpolation. The display was good enough for use indoors, but isn't exactly vivid and readable out in the day sun.

The UMPC features a 900 MHz Celeron processor on a 915 chip set that really slogs out in running current day applications. The unit comes with 768 MB of RAM and 50 GB 4500 RPM hard drive. Connectivity options include Gigabit LAN, Wireless Lan b/g, Blue tooth V2, and 3 USB ports, additional ports include the mic, headphone, AV IO, and an R2H port bar that basically connects to a dock to provide S/DIF, VGA, LAN, Power, and additional USB connectors.

The unit feels a bit heavy around 830 grams, but can be held in one hand.

There are 6 buttons on the front, and a four way directional pad. There is a square button between the D-pad, which functions as Enter Key. An RF based fingerprint scanner sits above the mouse buttons and is pretty easy to reach. There is a mouse stick on the upper right hand corner of the screen and scroll buttons below it.

There is a button under them which opens a menu to set options like screen orientation, speed and battery saving modes, volume level, etc. A 1.3 MP camera is placed right above the screen.

The bundle also includes a fold able USB keyboard, a USB optical mouse, a slim external DVD writer, a power adapter and a slick case to store the precious UMPC. The keyboard is nice and tactile though the key placement is bit odd. The included DVD writer is a good bonus as it can be used with any other computer.

The mono speaker is loud enough for a laptop, but don't bother watching movies on it. The battery lasted 2 hours with general web browsing, and office work.

Conclusion : The package and the size is superb and is intended for running non-demanding applications.

For : Cheapest UMPC on the block, superb looks and build quality.

Against : Unimpressive battery life, slow performance, a tad heavy.

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