Sunday, May 13, 2007

Upgrading phishing protection

More and more users are being victimized by the rising flood of phishing attacks. Hence it would be practical if, apart form a mail program, the browsers detect potential attacks reliably and warn against them.

In addition to virus scanners and firewall, the free McAfee Site Advisor toolbar is a useful addition to Internet Explorer and Firefox for detecting potential security snags. This toolbar is available at .

You can download if for free. Close your browser and start installation by double clicking the downloaded file. The installer file for Internet Explorer also contains the extension for Firefox. The additional toolbar is automatically when you start the browser next time. You can show or hide it via “View/Toolbars”. The toolbar icon is quiet interesting as it uses signal colors to indicate how secure or risky the current website is.

You can obtain detailed information about a website by clicking on the down arrow on the toolbar and selecting “View Site Details”. The toolbar analyzes the HTML code of the website and warns you. In case you visit a phishing website or a website containing Malware, the McAfee Site advisor toolbar will turn red or else it remains green.

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