Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Tech-Com DSC-520 5.0 MP

You just can’t go wrong with black and silver as a colour combination, and the DSC-520, while being far from a stunner, does look nice with an all-black face and rear and side trim silver all-round. The body doesn’t pick up fingerprints—very nice again.
Button ergonomics are good. The shoot button has a distinctive half-press for auto-focus. As opposed to some cameras we’ve tested, here you can actually tell by the tactile feedback that the camera is auto-focusing, without having to look at any indicators. Incidentally, there’s no viewfinder: you’ll have to manage with the 2-inch, 1,15,000 pixel LCD—which does get grainy, especially in dimly-lit conditions, and at the end of the lens zoom. The menu layout is pretty simple—all the options are accessible under a single menu. With four white balance modes and manual ISO ratings from 80 to 400, the Tech-Com DSC-520 is definitely not meant for a lot of indoor shooting, especially in areas where there isn’t sufficient lighting.

As expected, photo quality outdoors was good, except at full optical zoom (3x) where some slight graininess does creep in. Indoors, you’ll be using a flash… a lot. The flash is good for around 9 feet, after which it loses effectiveness altogether. Indoor shots are decent quality, but the noise is noticeable. At 640 x 480 @ 15 fps, this digicam is also a decent video recorder.

5 megapixel CCD sensor; 3x optical zoom; 4x digital zoom; 2-inch LCD viewfinder; ISO manual 80-400 and auto; self-timer 2/10 sec; AA batteries

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